Information on How to Order Belting

The following information is required when ordering a flat wire belt.

  1. Mesh Size: 1 X 1, 1/2 X 1, 1/2 X 1/2, etc.*
  2. Series: Standard, Heavy Duty, or Key-Turn*
  3. Selvage (Edge) Type: Clinched (bent), Button Head Welded*
    * information for Items 1, 2,and 3 can be simplified by using the belt designation system: S1, H2, etc.
  4. Width of belt: Specify Unit of Measure (inches or millimeters)
  5. Length of belt: Specify Unit of Measure (feet or meters)
  6. Material Type: Galvanized, High Carbon, Stainless Type (T-304, T-316, T-201)
  7. Number of Openings: If new belt is to be meshed into existing belt, it must have matching number of openings. Keystone can match other manufacture's openings. If belt is not meshed, you can either specify openings or specify "new application" and Keystone will provide our standard.

How to order belting







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