Conveyor Belting

Heavy Duty Clinched Selvage Belting

Heavy duty clinched selvage belts feature a better wearing edge surface for misaligned conveyor systems.

H4 - 1" x 1" Mesh, Clinched Selvage

H5 - ½" x 1" Mesh, Clinched Selvage

Clinched Selvage Belt Specification

  Width Max. Tension Approx. Wgt.
Design Mesh Min Max (Lbs./Ft. of Width)1 (Lbs./Sq. Ft.)
H4 1" x 1" 10" 192" 1350 3.55
H5 ½" x 1" 10" 192" 1750 3.95

• Flat strip = 1/2" wide x .062" thick, round edge    • Connector rod = 6 gauge (.192" diameter), high tensile strength

(1) Maximum working tension per foot of belt width given for drum driven applications only.

Materials Available

  • Low carbon galvanized steel
  • C1050 high carbon steel
  • T-304 stainless steel
  • T-316 stainless steel
  • T-201 stainless steel


  • Mesh available in two (2) different sizes.
  • Widths available ranging from 10" to 192".
  • Mechanically prevents belt from narrowing under heavy loads.
  • Just as flexible as welded selvage belts.


  • Cannot be placed in the first drive opening on either edge of the belt at either mesh size.

Special Belting

  • Keystone is able to produce flat wire belts with special mesh sizes to meet the needs of unusual applications. Please consult the factory for more information.

Narrow Mesh Nut Harvester Belting

Custom Filling Station Belting

Belt with Custom Fixtures

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