TruKey® Shafting


TruKey® Shafting from Keystone is designed to provide the straightest, most accurate pre-keyed shafting in the industry. We stock keyed shafts in the most common diameters, including metrics, with standard keyways. We can provide pre keyed shafts cut to any length up to 24' (longer lengths may have an additional charge). All keyed shafting is guaranteed to fit on a bearing, and the ends can be chamfered for easy installation.

Sizes Available

• Inch Diameters from ¼" to 4-1/2"
• Keyways available in diameters from ½" to 4-1/2"
• Metric Diameters from 6mm to 125mm
• Keyways available in diameters from 10mm to 65mm


All keyways are cut to ANSI standards. Full length keyways are machined in a single pass in bars up to 20 foot long. Partial keyways can be machined into bars up to 30 foot long. Non-standard and special keyways can be machined upon request.

Most bars will typically bow after keyways are cut into them. Special straightness bars are available. All bars can be sold as random lengths, or we can cut bars to the exact length you require.

Materials Available

- 1018 Steel
- 1045 T&P Steel
- 1144 Stressproof® (A311 Class B)
- 4140 QT TGP Alloy Steel
- T-303 TGP Stainless Steel
- T-304 TGP Stainless Steel
- T-316 TGP Stainless Steel
- High Strength Stainless Steel (17-4 PH, H1150)

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TruKey® Shafting     

-Standard Duty Clinched Selvage Belting
-Standard Duty Welded Selvage Belting
-Heavy Duty Welded Selvage Belting
-Heavy Duty Clinched Selvage Belting
-Key-Turn Heavy Duty Radius Belting
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